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Uchida A, Peng J & Brown A (2023)
Regulation of neurofilament length and transport by a dynamic cycle of phospho-dependent polymer severing and annealing
Molecular Biology of the Cell 34:ar68, 1–15
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Fenn JD, Li Y, Julien J-P, Jung P & Brown A (2023)
The mobility of neurofilaments in mature myelinated axons of adult mice
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Nowier RM, Friedman A, Brown A & Jung P (2023)
The role of neurofilament transport in the radial growth of myelinated axons
Molecular Biology of the Cell
 34:ar58, 1–14
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Boyer NP, Julien J-P, Jung P & Brown A (2022)
Neurofilament transport is bidirectional in vivo
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Stone EJ, Kolb SJ & Brown A (2021)
A review and analysis of the clinical literature on Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease caused by mutations in neurofilament protein L
Cytoskeleton 78:97-110
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Boyer NP, Azcorra M, Jung P & Brown A (2020)
Imaging and analysis of neurofilament transport in excised mouse tibial nerve
Journal of Visualized Experiments 162:e61264
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Johnson C, Fenn JD, Brown A & Jung P (2020)
Dynamic catch-bonding generates the large stall forces of cytoplasmic dynein
Physical Biology 17:046004
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Ciocanel MV, Jung P & Brown A (2020)
A mechanism for neurofilament transport acceleration through nodes of Ranvier
Molecular Biology of the Cell 31:640-654
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Stone EJ, Uchida A & Brown A (2019)
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2E/1F mutant neurofilament proteins assemble into neurofilaments
Cytoskeleton 76:423-439
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Walker CL, Uchida A, Li Y, Trivedi N, Fenn JD, Monsma PC, Lariviere RC, Julien J-P, Jung P & Brown A (2019)
Local acceleration of neurofilament transport at nodes of Ranvier
Journal of Neuroscience 39:663-677
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Lai X, Brown A & Xue C (2018)
A stochastic model that explains axonal organelle pileups induced by a reduction of molecular motors
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15:20180430
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Fenn JD, Monsma PC & Brown A (2018)
Axonal neurofilaments exhibit frequent and complex folding behaviors
Cytoskeleton 75:258-280
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Fenn JD, Johnson CM, Peng J, Jung P & Brown A (2018)
Kymograph analysis with high temporal resolution reveals new features of neurofilament transport kinetics
Cytoskeleton 75:22-41
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Baas PW, Bamburg JR, Brown A & Gonzalez-Billault C (2016)
An EMBO Workshop on Emerging Concepts of the Neuronal Cytoskeleton: a unique venue to discuss recent advances in cellular and molecular aspects of cytoskeleton function in nerve cells
Cytoskeleton 73:422-423
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Uchida A, Monsma PC, Fenn JD & Brown A (2016)
Live-cell imaging of neurofilament transport in cultured neurons
Methods in Cell Biology 131:21-90
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Green JA, Schmid CL, Bley E, Monsma PC, Brown A, Bohn LM & Mykytyn K (2015)
Recruitment of β-arrestin into neuronal cilia modulates somatostatin receptor subtype 3 ciliary localization
Molecular and Cellular Biology 36:223-235

Johnson C, Holmes W, Brown A & Jung P (2015)
Minimizing the caliber of myelinated axons by means of nodal constrictions
Journal of Neurophysiology 114:1874-1884
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Xue C, Shtylla B & Brown A (2015)
A stochastic multiscale model that explains the segregation of axonal microtubules and neurofilaments in neurological diseases
PLoS Computational Biology 11:e1004406
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Brown A (2014)
Slow axonal transport
In “Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences”, ed. M Caplan, Elsevier

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Primary cilia enhance kisspeptin receptor signaling on gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 111:10335-10340
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Li Y, Brown A & Jung P (2014)
Deciphering the axonal transport kinetics of neurofilaments using the fluorescence photoactivation pulse-escape method
Physical Biology 11:026001
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Monsma PC, Li Y, Fenn JD, Jung P & Brown A (2014)
Local regulation of neurofilament transport by myelinating cells
Journal of Neuroscience 34:2979-88
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Uchida A, Çolakoğlu G, Wang L, Monsma PC & Brown A (2013)
Severing and end-to-end annealing of neurofilaments in neurons
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 110:E2696–E2705
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Brown A (2013)
Axonal transport
In “Neuroscience in the 21st century: from basic to clinical”, 1st edition, ed. DW Pfaff, Springer, New York, pp. 255-308

Brown A & Jung P (2013)
A critical reevaluation of the stationary axonal cytoskeleton hypothesis
Cytoskeleton 70:1-11
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Monsma PC & Brown A (2012)
FluoroMyelin™ Red is a bright, photostable and non-toxic fluorescent stain for live imaging of myelin
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 209:344-350
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Taylor NJ, Wang L & Brown A (2012)
Neurofilaments are flexible polymers that often fold and unfold but they move in a fully extended configuration
Cytoskeleton 69:535-544
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Li Y, Jung P & Brown A (2012)
Axonal transport of neurofilaments: a single population of intermittently moving polymers
Journal of Neuroscience 32:746-758
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Yuan L, Zheng YF, Zhu J, Wang L & Brown A (2012)
Object tracking with particle filtering in fluorescence microscopy images: application to the motion of neurofilaments in axons
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 31:117-130
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Wang L & Brown A (2010)
A hereditary spastic paraplegia mutation in kinesin-1A/KIF5A disrupts neurofilament transport
Molecular Neurodegeneration 5:52
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Uchida A, Alami NH & Brown A (2009)
Tight functional coupling of kinesin-1A and dynein motors in the bidirectional transport of neurofilaments
Molecular Biology of the Cell 20:4997–5006
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Jung P & Brown A (2009)
Modeling the slowing of neurofilament transport along mouse sciatic nerve
Physical Biology 6:046002
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Çolakoğlu G & Brown A (2009)
Intermediate filaments exchange subunits along their length and elongate by end-to-end annealing
Journal of Cell Biology 185:769-777
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Alami NH, Jung P & Brown A (2009)
Myosin Va increases the efficiency of neurofilament transport by decreasing the duration of long-term pauses
Journal of Neuroscience 29:6625-6634
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Slow axonal transport
In “New Encyclopedia of Neuroscience”, ed. LR Squire, Academic Press, Oxford, Vol. 9, pp. 1-9

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The polypeptide composition of moving and stationary neurofilaments
Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 64:299-309
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Neurofilaments switch between distinct mobile and stationary states during their transport along axons
Journal of Neuroscience 27:507-516
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A dynamical system model of neurofilament transport in axons
Journal of Theoretical Biology 237:316-322
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Stochastic simulation of neurofilament transport in axons: the “stop and go” hypothesis
Molecular Biology of the Cell 16:4243-4255
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Yan Y & Brown A (2005)
Neurofilament polymer transport in axons
Journal of Neuroscience 25:7014-7021
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Arrival, reversal and departure of neurofilaments at the tips of growing axons
Molecular Biology of the Cell 15:4215-4225
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Brown A (2003)
Live-cell imaging of slow axonal transport
Methods in Cell Biology 71:305-323
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Brown A (2003)
Axonal transport of membranous and non-membranous cargoes: a unified perspective
Journal of Cell Biology 160:817-821
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Wang L & Brown A (2002)
Rapid movement of microtubules in axons
Current Biology 12:1496-1501
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Rapid intermittent movement of axonal neurofilaments observed by fluorescence photobleaching
Molecular Biology of the Cell 12:3257-3267
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Slow axonal transport: stop and go traffic in the axon
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 1:153-156
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Rapid movement of axonal neurofilaments interrupted by prolonged pauses
Nature Cell Biology 2:137-141
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Slow axonal transport of neurofilament protein in cultured neurons
Journal of Cell Biology 144:447-458
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Contiguous phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated domains along axonal neurofilaments
Journal of Cell Science 111:455-467
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Visualization of single neurofilaments by immunofluorescence microscopy of splayed axonal cytoskeletons
Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 38:133-145
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Slow axonal transport: the polymer transport model
Trends in Cell Biology 7:380-384
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Polylysine cross-links axoplasmic neurofilaments into tight bundles
Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 31:9-21
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Neurofilaments move apart freely when released from the circumferential constraint of the axonal plasma membrane
Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 26:313-324
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Sites of microtubule stabilization for the axon
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Composite microtubules of the axon: quantitative analysis of tyrosinated and acetylated tubulin along individual microtubules
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Newly assembled microtubules are concentrated in the proximal and distal regions of growing axons
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Weak-base amines inhibit the anterograde-to-retrograde conversion of axonally transported vesicles in nerve terminals
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